President’s message

Tanaka Hiroko


In 1997, my first encounter with nonprofit was when former president Ariy Akio told me that a study work was hold in Hachinohe with a lecturer Yamaghishi Hideo, president of NPO Center, and I went to Hachinohe.

Aomori NPO Support Center, which unites governments, businesses, organizations and people, gave me a dream while supporting activities of nonprofits, initiating nonprofit to community and aiming for mature civic society, was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in April, 1999.

Now that missions of each nonprofits in Japan try to make a system called new public, even though they don’t have stable revenue, for their characteristics is to act voluntarily if there’s someone who have difficulties or social environments face crisis.

The important things are that you keep on asking why you have to go on activities and how you could have better achievements and improving over and over again. When it comes to environments arond children, they have gotten worsened. I, therefore, believe that nonprofit sectors should evolve ourthelves as social needs change.

I want to enjoy learning ways we can flexibly tackle and evolve, meeting people, making friendships and starting something while thinking a lot of passion to our community and mission, which means we do what we can do, and constructing even relationships with my fellows.