Board of Directors

Policy of Aomori NPO Support Center is decided on annual general assembly where members gather together. Board of directors is responsible for management of Aomori NPO Support Center and tackles each programs on decisions by general assembly. Inspectors and advisors make sure if activities of Aomori NPO Support Center is done decently and give advises. (Board members were re-elected on June, 2 2012 and served two-year terms)

Title Name Residence
President Tanaka Hiroko Hirosaki
Vice-President Kon Takashi Hirosaki
Vice-President Noduki Hisako Aomori
Executive Director Misawa Akira Aomori
Director Koshiya Hideaki Aomori
Director Nakahashi Asako Aomori
Director Carpanter Victor Lee Hirosaki
Director Ito Sonoko Hachinohe
Director Yanagisawa Takuya Hachinohe
Director Saito Masami Aomori
Inspector Torikoshi Masami Towada
Inspector Natsume Hiroaki Aomori
Advisor Ariya Akio Hachinohe
Advisor Iwabuchi Soji Hachinohe
Advisor Osanai Makoto Aomori
Advisor Numata Toru Aomori
Advisor Kudo Masayo Aomori