About us

In 1999, Aomori NPO Support Center started as very first nonprofit in Aomori prefecture. It is a kind of network organiztion for flourishing possibility of new Japan, which nonprofits could have, in Aomori, north Tohoku.

As a nonprofit for nonprofits sector, main efforts we put into programs are enlightenment activity to people, support to nonprofits, building up a network of nonprofits, research and advocacy.

We conduct various projects to make your hopes happen with governments, business, volunteer groups and citizens who want to do something helpful to community and rewarding works.

  • Consultations, support and incorporate a nonprofit.
  • Managiment support of budget and accounting to incorporated nonprofits.
  • Learning origin of an ambition such as ‘What is a nonprofit in the first place?’.
  • Inform and providing human resources to nonprofits.
  • Registr and introduce volunteers who want to take part in nonprofit.
  • Interaction with nonprofits nation wide.