We establish Aomori NPO Support Center in order to initiate mutual collaboration among nonprofits, share informations, help nonprofit activities positively and contribute to society. Management is privatizing and operation is self-reliant. Also, upon making partnerships with governments and businesses, we act as an intermediary so that citizens, governments and businesses will support nonprofits.

Currently, we live in a prosperous society where its economy is the world’s second-largest. In reality, however, our society has a lots of problems such as environmental preservation, aging people, community development by hearing people’s opinions and so on.

Those problems may be insolvable by a framework of conventional social-systems. In other words, variety of needs, which governments and businesses alone can not meet, are in existence as values diversify.

Under those circumstances, we believe that nonprofits have a key that will make it possible for us to live along with our environments and construct well-qualified society. Nither governments nor businesses but nonprofits as another sector in which self-decisions and beliefs of each citizens form core.

We have been conducting infomation sharing and enlightenment activity after established Aomori NPO Initiative Forum on May, 1997. With those achievements, we declare that we establish Aomori NPO Support Center so that we can act as a even better nonprofit and advance our support programs for nonprofits.